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From fairytailconfess:

"So many people complain about Erza being too overpowered, but I’m just here like; what about Natsu? He constantly defeats people he should have no chance in beating." —Anonymous

Natsu has almost always had help in the main “boss fight,” so to say.

In the Phantom Lord arc he defeated Gajeel because Lucy helped him. Makarov defeated Jose.

In the Tower of Heaven arc Natsu only beat Jellal after eating Etherion, which then made him sick.

Fantasia arc? It took Mystogan, Erza, Gajeel, and Natsu to defeat angry Laxus. Erza had already fought Evergreen before this and instead took on the Lacrima.

In the Oracion Seis arc defeated Brain with Jellal’s help. 

Edolas arc it was Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy. Then he let Mystogan beat him up.

Tenrou Arc he beat Zancrow, and we can assume that they were on a similar level. Then it took the help of Laxus, Erza, Wendy, and Lucy to defeat what’shisface.

Natsu beat Future Rogue because he threw him into a giant gate! And Atlas Flame!

And so far in the Tartarus Arc Natsu has only fought Jackal. Whom he out smarted. And technically Jackal blew himself up, so it doesn’t even count.

I’m not going to talk about Erza because the last chapter made me angry. 

That confession made me facepalm too tbh.
So in addition to your post,I´ll link to the post I made about 3 weeks ago since it goes into basically every arc-end fight


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Does anyone know why the new chapter of the Fairy Tail manga hasn’t come out yet?
It came out last week on a Saturday and it isn’t even out today.

The easiest thing is to pay attention to when one piece/naruto/bleach are out,since their schedule also slightly changed
If these 3 are out on thursdays->ft is out on the following monday
If they are out on wednesday->Ft is most likely out on the following saturday
Last week they were out on wednesday,and ft was out on saturday,the same thing happened once before
At all the other times so far they were out on thursday,at these time ft was always out on the following monday




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The people who only watch the anime have no idea just how special that Lucy/Aquarius moment was.

They have no idea how much that will come back to haunt them after the filler arc.

Feeling slightly conflicted about the new OP but totally digging that new ED


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Thing is they translated it PERFECTLY fine before
but today I go and buy volume 35 and read it and suddenly


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God,I don´t want to sound rude,but people who reblog the post from fairytailsecretsanta ,I kindly ask you to stop reblogging that,livingfairytail-secretsanta has been running the secret santa since 2012,and is once again doing so this year.Having two ft secret santa blogs will cause a lot of confusion,and I already informed the new one of their mistake,i´m just hoping they actually take action and delete the blog,because they obviously did not do research on if there is already something like that.In other words,wait till november 1st,then go apply at the the correct one.