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A guild is a family
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I´m on this blog like 24/7 but only log onto my personal blog like once a month(or even less)

I don´t think that the people who only watch the anime will ever know of the beauty of the Jellock ship.

celesse0 replied to your post: With the amount of followers I´m gaini…

congratulations <:

I actually still about a 3/4 month away from hitting that number

With the amount of followers I´m gaining recently I should probably plan something for the 2000 followers milestone I´ll most likely hit in about a month.

maybe because people are more biased towards BoA than Back-On? BoA has a bigger fanbase.

Hmm,that might be true,Masayume Chasing was the first single I ever heard from BoA,or for that matter ever heard anything about BoA.However,the first time I listened to something from BACK-ON was more than a year before that.

I like STRIKE BACK a lot more, too. It's more in line with my taste in music than Masayume Chasing is.

I think one thing that bugged me quiet a lot about Masayume chasing is that it,at first, sounded like it had a fast pace,but after listening to it a for a while I just ended up actually noticing that it rather a middle thing between fast and slow paced,and the whole thing didn´t mix too well with my music taste in the end.


Lol these drinks look nice.
Lucy’s is blue curacao and Erza’s is raspberry with strawberry syrup. Yummy.