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A guild is a family

There…actually were people complaining abut me not really caring about the Silver/Gray thing??…

I might have something, but I wouldn’t be able to check for a while

Ah,that´s ok,as long as I can have it at some time

Does anyone by any chance have a really high quality scan version of the Happy in Boots special chap?


Headcanon: Sting shipped Lucy with Natsu after Yukino shared her adventures with the FT Rescue Team. He got very excited when she reached the NaLu forehead touch part and made her quote Natsu’s words. 

Ok,I think the “angry about Gray being plot-relevant” situation is a bit misunderstood here-in case it actually ties to this post 
Anyone who did read my reply to Jhayni knows where the origin of the “issue” is.
Over the past few days I voiced my opinion about the fandom mostly ignoring other plot-points in favor of the Gray/Silver thing,and when you saw it,you know I´m not too fond of it by now anymore.I´ve no direct problem with Gray,it´s honestly the whole Gray/Silver thing,which most likely led to the post that is linked to on my reply to Jhayni.I´m not angry about Gray being plot relevant-i´m just mad about a large part the fandom pretty much ignoring everything else except for the Gray/Silver thing.

hahaha, Gray is virtually IGNORED the entire GMG arc (except for dying) and people are angry he’s actually plot relevant again? I think I’m beyond being pissed at the fandom - I’m jaded at this point and just don’t give a fuck ^^’

Gray had little to no plot relevance in the gmg arc,granted,i can´t say much about what happened in the fandom before chapter 312(since this is where I joined the fandom).I don´t have a direct problem with Gray being plot relevant right now,and I know that he will have some other relevance during this arc,but I just can´t stand it if other plot points are practically being ignored even though they are really important.I know that the recent part of the arc is centered around the Silver-Gray business,and that´s okay,I just don´t care about it anymore because the issue is being discussed way too much for my taste.Yeah,alright,we know Silver is Gray´s father for sure now,but it was predictable that something really bad would happen with the Fullbuster family-Juvia didn´t have the bad feeling at the beginning of the arc for nothing.
By now I think it´s way more concerning that Natsu´s scarf has been missing for over 20 chapters now-and that that fact had gone unnoticed the entire time before I mentioned it,which is kind of a really sad fact  in this fandom,which I actually had in my memory as observant fandom.
Basically you could say that I´m just kind of annoyed by how the Silver/Gray thing got so much attention that other plot relevant things slipped into the “forgotten” Zone one day after a chapter released,and everyone just kept mentioning how we still didn´t know who Silver was at that time.
For example,Jellal+OS are nowhere to be seen since over 20 chapters ago,but do I see anyone talking about that?No,do I see anyone talk about what other characters are doing right now(except those that have been spotted since Rogue and Sting appeared)?No.

The last few ch. have been focused on Gray & Silver. It’s natural that most of the conversation is about what’s going on right now. Once Mashima focuses on Natsu again, the conversation will follow. I’m excited! I hope his mini-arc is a double one!

It´s mostly this what led to me making that post just now,my opinion about the silver thing still stays the same-a large part of the fandom is way too focused on it,and then they end up overlooking the other stuff like it´s nothing.By now,I just really hope the situation with Silver is going to end next chap.

Has the whole Silver thing really reached the point where people actually forget that Gray and Natsu are supposed to share the spot as main character of the Tartaros arc?


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he’s a fashionista, he has to create the trends.

Maybe he will participate in photo shoots for Fashion magazines in Fiore soon.

Can we please take a moment to think about how often Natsu had an “outfit change” during the recent arc?

So that was right at the beginning.

Nothing really changed,possibly except for the boots and the open vest(the boots only because we never got to see his feet on the first one)

No clothes at all.

The makeshift skirt.

And now he is still wearing this one.

I wouldn´t be surprised if he had another outfit change at some point tbh.