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Here’s the interview with Nakamura Yuuichi, Gray’s voice actor. I’ve only summarized the parts which I felt were more interesting.

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On acting as Gray
Gray is a character that is easy for him to voice, and he acts Gray out relatively naturally.
On Natsu
It’s easy for him to act alongside Natsu (Kakihara Tetsuya) since they’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s easy for them to ad-lib when asked to do so by the director. Gray and Natsu have both matured, and fight less these days.
On the relationship between Gray and Juvia
He thinks that there isn’t enough information on how Gray feels about Juvia, but they have good teamwork when they’re fighting together. He doesn’t feel that Gray likes Juvia romantically at this stage, but rather thinks of her as a close friend. Their relationship is ambiguous (“gray”), and he acts it out that way.
About Gray in the new season of the anime
He thinks of Gray as a character that supports others, and acts him out with that in mind. Gray is someone who helps Natsu and Lucy. He thinks that Gray has a rather tough position in the story. Natsu is the protagonist and a Dragon Slayer, while Erza is undisputedly the strongest female in Fairy Tail. Lucy’s special because she’s a Celestial Mage, and there are things that only she can do. He has thought about the things that only Gray is able to do, and acts out Gray while keeping that in mind.
A character he likes, excluding Gray
Natsu. There’s a lot about Natsu that has not been fleshed out, and he had asked the director about it. He was told that Mashima-sensei said that as the story digs deeper into Natsu’s background, it might be nearing its end. Natsu’s story is tied to the main plot. He thinks that Natsu is a mysterious character.
What he wants to do if he were Gray
Build a “Sapporo Snowman” in Hokkaido, and make ice sculptures for a living. He’ll only work in winter and take things easy the rest of the year. He’ll go to Okinawa in summer and try to make ice sculptures there. In other words, he wants to make full use of “Ice Make”.
What magic he’d like to have if he were a mage
“Time Warp”. He’s not good with planes and avoids flights that take more than an hour. He’ll be able to get to different places easily and be able to do more things if he would warp time.



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